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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 19, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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super bowl to take on the broncos. we have live team coverage with reaction to the big game. first gary joins us in the studio. what happened? >> they came up a little short. i can't wait to get on the radio and hear, they should have done this and that. >> you're going to hear it all. >> they had a good year. here's what took place. you heard about the seattle crowd. they're known as the 12th man. they maybe give seattle the best home-field advantage. kaepernick's first half was terrific. 58 here on this shot. it set up a touch did you know and the 10-0 lead. seattle could only gear their field goal to end the half.
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and here if you're looking for individual counterpoint, marshawn lynch with 200 carries. frank gore with only 22 yards on 11 carries. this touchdown tied the game at 2. kaepernick, great throw here for 26 yards. the 49ers have a 17-10 lead. wilson goes up to top and gets credit. over to kaepernick but doesn't turn the ball over. when he has to, he gets the job done. 49ers have to come back. they're down here and lynch after serious injury, a torn acl we'll talk about later, lynch does fumble on fourth down. san francisco gets the ball. they have a shot. they have a shot at this 23-17 lead and then goes
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bowman. kaepernick's last possession. did you see the fumble recovery here? on the last three possessions, kaepernick turns the ball over and this is a knockout blow. remember how they lost the super bowl? right hand corner to end the game. 23-17 and sherman did not distinguish himself in the post-game celebration and we'll show you his interview after as well. now we're going to the locker room and see what jim harbaugh has to say. >> i didn't play good enough to win. i cost us this game. >> congratulations to seattle. they won the football game and made some very big plays. we made some very big plays. it was a 15-round fight round down to the last. >> reporter: there it is.
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so the super bowl is february 2nd. peyton manning and the denver broncos beat tom brady. seattle and denver in new york. that's the right of being a fan, to me, you go this far and you come up six points short, darn good season. >> reporter: thank you. >> wit and no funniness tonight. i'll be back throughout the show. >> we'll show you in about 10 minutes. let's check in with dan ruben. he's with some pretty bummed out fans. >> reporter: we still have lot of people walking around although they're not in as good as a mood. the arena has been
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packed. we found a new orleans style jazz band. one constant before and after the game has been drinking. everybody has been well behaved tonight. some fans are taking it in stride. others not so much. >> go niners. seahawks suck. you ac tually suck hard-core. go broncos. >> go broncos? what? >> better than un expected. onwards and upwards. >> reporter: seahawks fans were gracious in their victory. this is kind of a sad night right now. >> reporter: let's check in with another dan. dan joins us live from the mission district where it looks pretty somber
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there as well. >> reporter: we've had a lot of people here in the mission district. during the world series a little trouble but no trouble here tonight, just lots of disappointed fans. >> [applause] . >> reporter: with the 49ers taking the early lead, fans watching the game at the phoenix bar in the mission district were pretty confident the niners were heading to the super bowl. >> of course we knew we were going to win. we won every single time. it's redemption. >> reporter: no amount of calls for better defense could rescue the niners from what was to happen during the second half. while some took the defeat hard. >> heartbreaking. sad. next season. >> reporter:s chose to look at the bright side. >> last year we were close. this year we are close
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. we still are champions. >> reporter: vehicle parades that we've seen in the past of the 49ers celebrating were invisible on this evening, but not invisible were san francisco police officers. they were everywhere just to make sure this peaceful atmosphere stayed this way. again, police presence is very high along mission street. not just here on 24th but all up and down the street. for a while it was closed to keep people away from here. i think there is so much disappointment. we're not seeing the trouble that we saw in years past. >> reporter: let's head to san jose now. scott is there waiting for the niners to get back into town. are there fans
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there waiting to show love? >> reporter: i haven't seen a single fan. no where. they are not to be seen. the 49ers, that flight here is about two hours. i would imagine it will be a long flight. they're going to betouching down behind me at the fedex area of the airport. it will be about 10:30 or 10:45. i'll be here the whole time looking for fans. i have not seen any so far. i'll show you when they get here. >> reporter: lots more 49er coverage still ahead. gary will be back with more of the post-game sound. next we're live in seattle. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ . gabe joins us from the newsroom where he has been
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monitoring the web for reaction from this game. not all suitable for the air. >> reporter: i've seen a lot of four-letter words towards the referee. that's what social media is for. the team has posted a couple of things. let's roll the video. the team tweeted this picture saying: thank you for the strong support. the picture is being tweeted a lot right now and people are passing it along. jen york tweeted: thanks for cheering us on. i'm sorry we couldn't get it done for you. and coach harbaugh said this through the twitter account: not many people get to be in this arena. proud of our guys for the way they fought all season. and the giants tweeted: hats off
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to the 49ers for a great season. we would like to tell you about a -- a bunch going on. it's a great place to go and get involved. we invite you to post comments or pictures. a lot of stuff worth checking out. >> reporter: all right. the full highlights from the nfc and afc championships are next. we'll be right back.
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. in the aftermath of -- winless in seattle, let's check in. the marina is starting to pick up a bit. >> reporter: it's a little more lively. the niners fans are walking up and down the street and proving the night goes on and there's still a lot to celebrate. these fans are drinking wine. you can hear
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that the faithful are still proud of their team's season. the police department does have the wagon here in case the fans get overzealous. it's innocent at this point. we did speak with fans and they say despite the loss, they're still very proud of their team's season. >> i love the niners. i was born here. they are my team. i love them. i don't care if they lost today. i love them. heart and soul. >> i bet on them and lost. it is what it is . i had a good time. this is the guy that made me bet. chuck. >> what's going on? >> we're talking about losing. we still -- >> i'll tell you guys. losing brings you closer to your team. tell me if you love your team or not after a loss. >> we have next year.
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>> for the record, you are a very handsome man. >> thank you. >> reporter: she was very kind. i wish i had my business card handy. take a look. niners out here drinking wine and celebrating a successful season. we're all saying there's next year. they've proven they can get to the afc championship game. hopefully they can do it next year. >> next year. >> touchdown. wilson kicks it. and it's out. it is recovered. >> reporter: hot start to the 49ers, but in the end they came up short and missed out on the other trip to the super bowl in new jersey.
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chris christie's country there. gary is back. >> philippe was there and those kids were yelling. if you went up and asked them i'll give you 100 bucks to name 49ers -- they just wants to be on tv. >> you're actually mourning. those guys are yelling. there's always next year. anyway, if you can afford to get in, that will be rough which is not the time or place. a lot of fans will be left out because a lot of -- >> a lot of life savings. >> you made the nfc championship game. good for you. the seattle crowd is ruckus as always. 49ers off to a good start.
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aldon sets up a field goal. kaepernick is running beautifully. 58 yards here. he looked great. san francisco had a 10 -0 lead. marshawn lynch -- it's a true story. at the beginning of the game, he couldn't get anywhere, and the second half there he goes. 40 yards to tie the game at 10. they get 22 carries and 109 yards. to anquan for 26 here. san francisco has a 17-10 lead. kaepernick threw for 153 yards. down the road, a couple of interceptions, wilson can't match kaepernick. son of a gun, in the clutch it's pretty good. germane for seattle has the lead. wilson gets it down to
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the goal line. bowman forces a fumble. i think we saw a rule that will be changed if next year. -- for next year. the ball is loose and there you go. bowman leaves with a torn acl. 49ers come back. kaepernick drove them down, but nope. richard sherman knocked the ball away. smith with the interception. and sherman did not distinguish himself very well. then after the game, the young sideline reporter came up and here's sherman. >> the final play, take me through it. >> well, i'm the best one in the game. when you find me, that's the result you going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> don't you open your mouth about the best. i will shut it for you real quick. >> reporter: my excuse all the
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time, he's caught up in the heat of the moment. he has a grudge to bear with harbaugh. jim did not give him a good recommendation to the pros and he was not drafted that high. real quick, tom brady 5-2 in afc championship games facing peyton manning. in the home-field advantage, you saw it pay off in seattle. here comes manning. people were ready to go and say he couldn't win the big one. demaryius thomas has a touchdown and bill's team, they didn't give up, but brady with a lot of yard play, but could not get the job done. john elway, now running the broncos has a 26-16 win. manning headed to his
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third super bowl. he's 1-1. that's the graphic is a little funky. >> we were planning on it. >> we have a real close friend who said the referee caused the 49ers a game. tell your friend, please. none of that. >> there was some bad calls, but we'll talk about that later. >> no, we won't. don't blame the referees. >> im fixated on sherman. i think he will re gret that. i understand he's pumped, but it's going to get played over and over. >> if they win, they'll say, the inspiration of sherman. >> we'll check back with you later. let's go live to
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seattle. will tran is covering this big game. hi, gentlemen. >> reporter: certainly a very difficult night. will and i -- we've been talking with fans if the last couple of hours. i've been talking with a lot of the players. i went into the locker room, and this is the second time it's been like that in the locker room. second year in a row kaepernick was sitting there and didn't take off his uniform. just sat there looking straight. you could tell he was upset as was everybody. i want to take you -- we talked with players. >> we fought hard. we had a lot of chatter but didn't get it done. >> some of the guys and the key guys on the team doesn't come
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back. we wound up losing. >> i can't do nothing about it. i tried to do what i could and made my plays. and at the end of the game, couldn't. >> do you think the best team won? >> no. i still think we're the best team. i wish we could take back the turnovers but we played a great game. >> it's football. nobody is perfect. they're a good football team. they did some things and we needed to counter. they're a great team. >> reporter: number of players didn't actually want to speak. davis, one man who is so vocal wouldn't speak. it was really a tough locker room. it was a tough time for 49er fans as well. >> reporter: exactly. it was so loud, we
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were here and heard the seattle seahawks fans cheering and getting rowdy, and the niners fans just staying in the stands. you can see the long faces in the stands. they were there just to see the seahawks soak it all in. their fans laughing and mocking. you can see the long faces on the 49ers especially knowing that they were driving and had kaepernick, that would have meant that we went to the super bowl. instead we're in the locker room and sad and talking about next year. i got a chance to talk to fans in the stands. i gave them my microphone. >> we had a good shot at it. we had a good run . sometimes luck just isn't in our favor. we had a good run this season.
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we're going to come back stronger. many more things to come. >> i'm sad they lost. >> reporter: so everybody is talking about, we'll get over it. three years, three championships, one super bowl. the future is bright although no one is talking about the players. >> reporter: i think they just wanted to take a shower and get home and forget about this. this was short of their goals. it was well short of their goals. >> reporter: did you see their friends and families? they had long faces. everybody had long faces after the game. >> reporter: jed york, i asked if he wanted to speak about the loss. he said, this was just not the time. it was a moment that i don't think they had expected. so many people hoping
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to go to the super bowl. >> reporter: there's always next year. we're on the field and we'll have more reaction. we'll send it back to the studio. >> reporter: just a quick question. seahawks fans are notorious for being loud. did you feel like that affected the niners? >> reporter: i didn't think it effected the noise at all. the game was very close. it came right down to the pass and then they scored. i don't think it effected them at all. >> reporter: it was certainly loud. no doubt about that. i felt like they were more prepared in this circumstance than others. the difference was they built momentum and that crowd would just lay it on thick. so to say that crowd wasn't a factor i think would be off. i think that was one of the toughest parts of playing
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tonight. that crowd layed it on thick when they had to. >> reporter: he was on the field, i was walking around the stadium, and if the seahawks thought they were going to win with fans, they were lying. they were nervous and didn't know. there was a nervous energy. if they're bragging, they're flatout lying. this was just a nailbiter to the very end. >> reporter: thank you. we'll check back in a little later for your observations. we have lots more coverage ahead. we'll be right back.
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. lots more coverage ahead here on kron4. . >> reporter: i have to tell you, it was just the luck of the draw, josh. sniechl.
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some big advice, don't say you like the halftime show. they might call you a traitor. he made quite a splash on social media today. these are being passed around by seahawks and 49ers. he made a picture on instragram.
8:31 pm
. this is the bay area's news station. >> touchdown, kaepernick. he's going to do it again. and kaepernick with the long stride inside seattle territory. kaepernick is going to get to the 10. >> reporter: it was that close. the niners come up just short losing to the seahawks. tonight we're live from san francisco to check in for the fans. he joins us live.
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. >> reporter: a lot of disappointed fans here. i'm here with will and will wants to remind everybody that even though the niners lost they're still champs. >> i respect that. it was a good game . it was a close game. and we're still champions. and we'll respect that. >> will you do it next year? >> we think so. we're going to go santa clara all the way. >> reporter: very good. 49er fans still die hard . a lot of police presence we saw seems to have dissipated. they wanted to make sure they'd keep the peace here. a lot of things have gotten out of hand during other sporting events. those who were
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hoping for next year are still out here. things are nice and calm. >> reporter: some service changes tonight just in case there's something from the fans tonight. you can see from 2012 when the giants won the world series and a bus was set on fire. >> reporter: this cable car from the california street line was sent back to the barn in order to . >> reporter: the bus lines took
8:34 pm
place of the street car and electrical lines were deenergized as a precaution. a spokesperson says all these vehicles are tethered to their lines by cables, tracks, or power lines so they can't be easily rerouted. some bus lines are being rerouted ahead of time. at 6 p.m. on sunday all buses will go down mission street instead just in case. all of the effected lines are expected be back on monday morning. >> reporter: let's go ahead and talk to gabe. he joins us from the newsroom where he's been monitoring the web. i can only imagine what they're saying. >> reporter: i have some big advice for you. don't say that you like the halftime show by macklemore. you might be called a traitor.
8:35 pm
let's roll the video. he has made quite a splash today. two pictures were being passed around by seahawks fans and 49ers fan. one with the seahawks and the other on his instragram of a 49ers suck jacket. so he is a seahawks fan so he'd dead to us. just be aware of that as you're talking about the game tomorrow when you get back to work on tuesday or tomorrow. we want you to check out we have a 49ers section with all kinds of videos and pictures and the latest from social media. and you can send in a comment or video and be involved with it. check it out. >> reporter: and in bay area news, a building fire in san jose left one person hurt today.
8:36 pm
it happened around 11:30 today. one employee was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene. the worker tried to put out the fire himself but called firefighters. >> i think he tried to make an attempt to keep it in check but it was just too much. i think everything was probably done that he could try to do to save the building. sometimes firefighters move quickly and if we can't gets here right away, and we got here pretty quick, but the fire escalated quickly. it did a lot of damage before we could get it under control. >> reporter: firefighters were able to salvage some key documents. the bill for batkid's make-a-wish event was $105,000.
8:37 pm
it was announced that two people will be picking up the tab. it allowed miles scott to fight villains on the street of san francisco. the majority of the sound was to create a larger than life experience for batkid. dennis rodman has checked himself into rehab. his drinking escalated. rodman had been in rehab center all week to get treatment for alcohol addiction. the star will be there for about a month. earlier this month he blamed alcohol for his outburst on cnn. a popular reality star is dead at the age of 49. tough talking roy garber from shipping wars died suddenly friday night after suffering a heart attack.
8:38 pm
he passed away shortly after. he suffered from a heart condition for some time. this weekend, there was something for everyone in the box office. in third place, the nut job about a city squirrel who just wants a nut. lone survivor earned $23.2 million in second place. the buddy cop comedy, ride along, topped the box office with $41.2 million. the film had the biggest release over martin luther king, jr. holiday in history. we have more 49er coverage ahead.
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are you a little soured out after the game? here's a way to show some team support. a chestnut street bakery is selling cakes with 49er logos. it's for customers with team spirit and a sweet tooth. >> everybody is so excited at the stuff just sells itself. >> reporter: so far cupcakes have been the top seller but cookies are a close second. we have more coverage ahead. gary is in with his 2 cents coming up. the great american novel.
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the bike out with temperatures making it up into the 60s and 70s and many locations. this nice weather will stick around and kite flying will be prime weather. temperatures in san francisco in the mid-60s. 70s for napa. and not much changes for tomorrow and tuesday. live view shows we are clear over the bay today. and we'll see improving air quality for tomorrow so the alert will not be in effect tomorrow. lots of sunshine for the day and more dry weather continues although we'll be a little bit cooler by the end of the week. some gusty winds will be coming our way. for the temperatures look for chilly temperatures.
8:45 pm
freezing 32 degrees for livermoor tonight. 40s by the bay. highs tomorrow are similar to today. san jose is 70 degrees . freemont, 60s inland. walnut creek up to 68 degrees. 60s for san francisco. 70 oaklands. not much change in the way of this week as we take a look at the 7 day around the bay. high clouds for tuesday but sunshine all the way through the week. warm temperatures well above average and strong off shore winds by the end of the work week. >> reporter: i have to give my friend brian credit. he has a gambling street. he picked seattle to beat the 49ers.
8:46 pm
so brian, congratulations. that's the one liked spot for the night. >> thank you. i'm glad the money is coming my way. >> all right. here we go. it's the third straight loss that the better team won this season. san francisco right off the bat, aldon smith sets up a field goal. wilson sacked four times in the first half. kaepernick with the longest run of his career. 98 yards total rushing in the first half. that was it. gore gained only 14 yards rushing the football and lynch just the opposite. here's anthony dixon to make it 10-0.
8:47 pm
one of their offensive lineman, the word is he broke his ankle. he'll have to go through a nice rehab. 10-0 in the second quarter. wilson, this is what he does. we have a couple of old timers. that's fran parkinson, scrambles around and there it is. 51 yards to baldwin. and gore and kaepernick kind of a sloppy hand-off. 14 yards and 11 carries. this is their third straight road game. four straight games on the road and the third quarter and second half they looked a little tired. lynch going all the way. 109 yards. that ties the game. you know he eats skittles . kaepernick with a real nice throw here. the touch was
8:48 pm
beautiful to bolden for 26 yards. san francisco has the lead. to the fourth quarter, wilson is going up to germane kearse and this one puts seattle up 20-17. wilson is one of those guys you look at. harbaugh even says, a winner. and carol, they love playing for him. for all we know, everybody tells you they love playing for harbaugh. it's all seattle down the stretch here. we have little something that laid the 49ers a chance. a chance at the finish. we'll show you in a moment. here we go. right down to the one -yard line. on the play, on the play bowman tore an acl. it's really ugly. you see the leg turn
8:49 pm
on kearse. what is this upcoming season going to be like for him? you can tell the minute it happens everybody quits. john back and forth. the san francisco's credit, very next play, there's a fumble. and back comes the 49ers. pete carroll's team could have put it away with a touchdown. kaepernick, one last chance. he is picked off by chandler. resulted in a field goal to make it 23-17. 1-1-1 final chance for kaepernick. to his credit, he didn't fold. it was a nice run down the field. a beautiful pass there. setting it up with gore. just like last year's super bowl, right corner of the end zone, fell in the hands of smith and sherman -- we were
8:50 pm
talking about no class at the end. probably go get a job on fox when he retires. he brings attention to himself. he went off on the fox sideline retire. when you lose, tough business. when you win, you get away with it. >> we had a one on one match-up. i'll take that every time. i didn't play good enough to win. i cost us this game. >> not mean people get to be in this arena of competition at lis level. i thought our guys had tremendous fight. i think they're great football players and congratulations to the seahawks. >> reporter: when you're sitting on your coach, that's half the fun. you lose three in a row, you start blaming
8:51 pm
somebody. if you make it to the nfc championship and come within six points, that's a darn good season. disappointing, but nobody blew that game tonight. it will be denver taking on seattle in a couple of weeks in new york. tom brady came 5-2. he's 10-4 against peyton manning manning. manning threw for 400 yards and for the upset, this was a denver party. bill and his defense had a couple of injuries too. the broncos all over brady. he warmed up late and threw for 277. they're hugging at the finish. 26-16. manning headed to his third super bowl. >> it's always -- it's tough to get to this point.
8:52 pm
next two weeks there's only one team that will win. it's tough so any time you come up short, it's not a great feeling. >> being in my 16th season going to my third super bowl, i know how hard it is to get there. you have to take a moment and enjoy the locker room and dinner tonight with your family and friends and starting tomorrow we'll start preparing for whoever it is we're playing. >> reporter: there it is. the early line. vegas doesn't fool around. denver favored for one point. two weeks to go. at 11:00 i'll have the prediction. it's all coming up tonight . >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: vicky, get over it. they played well. that friend of yours, the referee did not take that game.
8:53 pm
feel bad, but don't blame anybody. >> reporter: we'll be right back.
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8:55 pm
. let's check in with gabe. he joins us from the newsroom where he's been monitoring the web. want to show us what people will be seeing tomorrow? >> reporter: yeah. this picture graphic went out almost immediately after the game. i'm seeing it everywhere. let's take it so you can get a look. you're going to see this in your
8:56 pm
social media feeds all day tomorrow. you see a theme emerging here. it's the action shot of the super bowl 48 and it's pitting wilson against manning and the young gun against the seasoned vets. so that will be interesting. this will be the second trip for the seahawks. the broncos have made several trips. this is the first one without john elway. you're probably going to see that picture a lot. it's sad but true. so a lot more 49ers stuff coming up in the 11:00. back to you, vicky. >> reporter: of course the skies are gray for the 49er fans. there is a silver lining. >> yes. well, at least the weather is nice. we have a nice week coming up for us. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. there was no wagering done on my part on any football games.
8:57 pm
>> that's it for cron4 news at 8:00. get the latest on see you at 11:00.
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